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Can I just say I’m kinda tired of books with titles like The Bonesetter’s Daughter, and The Pilot’s Wife, and The Magician’s Niece, and the Undertaker’s Sister in Law and so on. Yes, I made some of those up, but only because no publisher’s marketing department has thought of it yet. They sound like they’re about women who’s identity is only important because of their relationship to someone else, usually a man. You don’t see books called The Teacher’s Son, or The Nurse’s Husband.  And yes, I know there are male teachers and nurses.  Maybe I’m sexist too.

So that’s my little rant for today. To counterbalance, here are some book covers I saw at work that just cracked me up:


I don’t think this requires any explanation.  That’s just damn funny.  I’m totally going to yell “It’s my ovaries, stupid!” at someone some day.  It’s coming, people who have the misfortune to see me regularly!  Prepare yourselves!


Someone put this on the display shelf.  I started snorting with laughter and had to take a photo.  The title should be yelled like a drill sergeant.  The MAN’s guide to manly MAN things, like MUSCLES, and STRENGTH!  It made me think of Power Thirst.


Took this picture because someone I know dated a girl who believed in the hollow earth theory.  I like that it’s on the shelf next to a book about the end of the world and conspiracy theories.  In the non-fiction.  Maybe this is only funny because I’m a cynic.


A co-worker showed me this one, which might be the only one that’s really funny on purpose. 

Other funny books may have to posted at a later date.  Or maybe I’ll just start listing the titles of ridiculous books that don’t currently exist outside of my head.  Like Easy Cooking for Mans.  Or Scolding Your Cat and Other Exercises in Futility.