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I don’t usually consider salads recipes, but I haven’t really posted a recipe in a while and a friend mentioned looking for low starch, vegetarian recipes.  Also, this salad is pretty filling as salads go, and I know this friend has access to Trader Joe’s(our secret, shared lover) where you can buy all the ingredients.  This salad is a really good mix of sweet and savory flavors, and if you use the roasted squash while it’s still hot, an interesting mix of temperatures too. 20170201_151837


fresh arugula

5-8 cherry tomatoes cut in half(if you cut them in half they don’t pop in your mouth and squirt tomato seeds across the break room at your co-workers during lunch)

crumbled feta cheese

handful of walnuts

handful of dried cranberries

1 bag of cubed butternut squash

3 mushrooms, sliced

2-4 TBSP oil(enough to lightly coat the butternut squash)

1 TBSP dried basil(you could use fresh too)

Trader Joe’s Champagne vinaigrette


Toss the butternut squash with the oil and the dried basil.  Put it in a roasting pan and roast it at 375 for about 45 minutes.  It’s done when you can cut a cube in half easily with a fork.  You can turn up the temperature or roast them for a little longer if you want them to have crispy brown edges(which is sometimes nice for texture).

Fill a large salad bowl with arugula.  You can really pack it in there if you are a hangry, greedy wildebeast like me. Toss in the dried cranberries, walnuts, mushrooms, and tomatoes.  Pile the roasted squash on top and garnish with feta cheese.  Or pile the cheese on too if you’re super hungry. Drizzle with champagne dressing.  I also sprinkle some salt on because I love me some sodium.  It’s super pretty, and you get to feel virtuous about eating salad.

I make this a lot for lunch, but when I make it for lunch, I let the squash cool completely before putting it on the salad and closing the Tupperware.  You can prepare it the night before and it stays pretty crisp as long as you don’t put the salad dressing on until you’re ready to eat it.


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