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Monthly Archives: November 2016

I tell you what guys, 2016 has not been a kind year.

I don’t normally write this kind of blog, but I was thinking about it anyway as Thanksgiving approaches, and then I read this article.  I hope it’s not as dark as all that, but if wishes were fishes, I’d be a mermaid.  Or something like that.  So here goes.

WARNING: politics.  If you just want a recipe, scroll down to the bold text about broccoli.

I am thankful to live in a nation where the law is on the side of free speech, and freedom of religion.  I am thankful and awed that gay marriage was legalized over a year ago.  I am thankful that there is a second wave of civil rights for women, gays, people of color, and gender identity.  I’m thankful to live in a democratic nation that believes I have the right to vote.  I’m thankful for my education, and all the things that it helps me understand about the world.  I am thankful none of my family are in the hospital this Thanksgiving.  And I am thankful for my uninhibited access to the internet, net neutrality, and the ability to blog about these things right now.

Things I believe:

More knowledge is always better than less. Always.

God is everywhere, in everything, not in just one building, one church, or one man.

All human beings deserve equal civil rights.  You should be able to worship, love, and live as you wish as long as no one is getting hurt.

Hell, animals deserve civil rights.

You cannot claim to be pro-life while eating meat, supporting the death penalty, or voting against social services for impoverished mothers and children. Life is not exclusive to human beings, nor does it end at birth.

Your life matters.  YOU matter.  And so do I.

Look guys, as a writer, I try to make friends with all kinds of people and learn how they work.  I might be cranky and kinda asocial at times, but ultimately, I’m forgiving of a lot of human failings and I have hope.  I want to believe.  But in electing You-Know-Who, I feel like America is not the place I thought it was.  He was the worst option, and now I can’t help but wonder if we’re just getting what we deserve.  Except, no one deserves to lose their civil rights just because they exist.  If you’re scared right now, me too.  And I’m not going to just stand there and watch when I see something bad happen to someone else, I’m going to Do Something.  I hope you’ll do Something too.

I’m actually afraid to post this blog.  And I’m sad there are things I don’t even know how to talk about here.  I’m at a loss.

So here’s a recipe for the broccoli at Old Spaghetti Factory.

Broccoli with Browned Butter and Cheese


broccoli florets(how much? I dunno, how many people you trying to feed? I usually get a couple pounds)

3-6 Tablespoons of real butter

Mizithra cheese(I found some at Sprouts!)

Steam the broccoli and put it on a pretty plate.  Then put the butter in a pan and heat on medium while stirring constantly.  You’ll smell it as it starts to brown.  It smells great. Keep stirring for maybe 30 more seconds after you start to smell the butter browning, but careful not to burn it. Turn off the heat and drizzle the butter over the broccoli. Grate the cheese and sprinkle generously over the broccoli.  It’s beautiful.  Don’t eat it all in one sitting.