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I have been told my friend Heidi makes an excellent soup for colds with garlic, lemon, and jalapenos.   I have never had this soup since I don’t like jalapenos.  Here’s my version of it, tailored to my own taste for Asian food.

1 aseptic container of broth.  Or you can be overzealous and make your own.

1  or 2 lemons depending on how crazy you are

5-10 cloves garlic depending on their size, and how crazy you are

1 tablespoon  oil or butter

fresh cilantro

1 bag of Trader Joes vegetable gyoza

a handful or two of bean sprouts

Mince the garlic and brown it in a soup pot with the butter or oil.  Throw in the broth and turn up the heat.  Wash the lemons.  Take the zest off the lemons, take all of it!  Throw that in the soup.  Juice the denuded lemons and put that in too.  Add as many gyoza as you like, and turn the soup off when it boils.  Rinse the bean sprouts and throw them in the soup.  Top with chopped fresh cilantro.  Yummy!

Here’s a photo, but I’ve added pan fried tofu to the top:

photo of soup

soup + pan-fried tofu



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