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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I have been told my friend Heidi makes an excellent soup for colds with garlic, lemon, and jalapenos.   I have never had this soup since I don’t like jalapenos.  Here’s my version of it, tailored to my own taste for Asian food.

1 aseptic container of broth.  Or you can be overzealous and make your own.

1  or 2 lemons depending on how crazy you are

5-10 cloves garlic depending on their size, and how crazy you are

1 tablespoon  oil or butter

fresh cilantro

1 bag of Trader Joes vegetable gyoza

a handful or two of bean sprouts

Mince the garlic and brown it in a soup pot with the butter or oil.  Throw in the broth and turn up the heat.  Wash the lemons.  Take the zest off the lemons, take all of it!  Throw that in the soup.  Juice the denuded lemons and put that in too.  Add as many gyoza as you like, and turn the soup off when it boils.  Rinse the bean sprouts and throw them in the soup.  Top with chopped fresh cilantro.  Yummy!

Here’s a photo, but I’ve added pan fried tofu to the top:

photo of soup

soup + pan-fried tofu


Terry Pratchett, me, Nick, and Maureen.

Terry Pratchett, me, Nick, and Maureen.

It was my privilege to go to Tempe and meet Sir Terry Pratchett at the first North American Discworld Convention.  I was also lucky enough to meet Jennifer Brehl, Colin Smythe, Bernard Pearson(the Cunning Articifer), and Diane Duane and  Peter Morwood.  They are all wonderful people.  Jennifer Brehl is truly passionate about her job and her authors, Colin Smythe seems a very honest and friendly person, and the Cunning Articifer is hilarious.  He also has the sexiest voice I have heard from an old man who was not Patrick Stewart.  😉  And Diane Duane and Peter Morwood are a riot, terribly energetic, and rather frighteningly passionate about food.  I had hoped to get into their writing workshop, but alas, so many people signed up that they had to do a raffle, and I did not win.

One of the first things everyone asked me about afterward was how Sir Terry is doing.  His memory is still good.  He can hold a conversation quite well, no matter how many beers he’s knocked back, and I rather think he spent much of the convention drinking. 🙂  What I heard over the weekend was that Terry’s memory is mostly affected in his ability to write and type.  He has difficulty communicating the words to his hands, so he is now dictating his books.  He is truly friendly, and spent the entire weekend talking to people, and even singing to them.  And of course, he’s funny, even when he’s put on the spot.  Here are a number of quotes I jotted down, but don’t blame me if they’re not completely accurate:

There’s a little man from Australia with a timeshare in my head.

Sometimes a typo yields something useful, like the leopard cannot change his shorts.

I’m a humanist. . . I think.

The power of the Lord cannot be that great if it can be defeated by a few yards of neon tubing.

I’ve had a beard since my honeymoon, since I didn’t have time to shave.

The sirens were snarling like cats in the canyons of the night.  It’s as if someone was conducting this strange symphony of crime.

I put chapters in my children’s books  because my editor threatened to cut my testicles off if I didn’t.

(on Discworld) It was just a world model lying around that no one seemed to be using.

It has been a lovely tour because I met many of your homeland security people.

That’s one of the nice things about becoming a knight.  I’ve decided to become irascible.  I can bully the bullies because they don’t know if I know a bigger bully.

I have problems with my short term memory. . . which are exacerbated by my short term memory problems.

I will not die of Alzheimer’s.  I will die before that, and I will take the disease with me.

So there it is.  I had a fantastic weekend meeting other fans, doing regency dancing, hanging out with  friends, and ogling costumes and famous people.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a number of cool things, so forgive me.  Peace.